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My Journal!

9 January
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W00000000000000!!! *does the happy dance* I'm just your average interesting female homosapien!!! except I'm a spazz cow when I have coffee... or sugar.... or a combination of the two

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80's music, acting, aim, anything anti-bush, art, arthurian legend, ballet flats, band, bass, bass guitar, being nerdy, bellbottoms, big words, biking, billy joel, books, bowling, boys, bugs, camping, canoeing, celtic music, chalkboards, chapstick, chocolate!, chorus, church, converse all-star hightops, count of monte cristo, crickets, dancing, deep conversations, democrats, drama, drawing, drummers, drunken lullabies, dry-erase boards, dvds, ewan mcgregor, eyeliner, fishing, flip flops, flogging molly, flutes, funny stuff, gaia, gossiping, guitar picks, guitars, guys blowing eachother up, harry potter, hearing stories, horses, hugging people, hugs, ikea, im-ing, innuendo, inside jokes, jesus, kitties, lakes, laughing, liberals, lifehouse, lipstick, lounge against the machine, making fun of people, making people laugh, making up words, mascara, master and commander, men in kilts, mini golfing, modge podge!!, money, motion city soundtrack, moulin rouge, movies, mr. potato head, music, musicals, nailpolish, naming things, neon lights, orchestra, parks, pearls, photography, pictures, placebo, planning surprise b-day parties, playing guitar, playing the flute, politics, pretending to be smart, punk rock, puppies, putting on eyeliner, radiohead, reading, relient k, roses, saying i love you, saying random stuff, saying things in accents, secrets, shakespeare, shoes, singing, skateboarding, something coperate, soup!, squeeing, stand up bass, sweatshirts, swimming, swordfighting, taking pictures, talking, talking in person, talking on the phone, teddy bears, telling people happy birthday, telling stories, the holocaust, the word maimed, throwing things, walking, walking in parks, when harry met sally, world war two, writing, writing notes, wwii